Marion Wood
EMG Symphony Orchestra Musical Director

Marion Wood began conducting whilst an undergraduate studying Music & Electronics at Keele University, going on to study Postgraduate Orchestral Conducting at the Royal College of Music. Whilst there she spent a short time as Assistant Chorusmaster to the London Philharmonic Choir.

Following the RCM, Marion held appointments in Ireland, working as Chorusmaster to the Belfast Philharmonic Choir and Assistant Conductor to the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland, as well as working with various choirs and ensembles of young professionals in London. Informed by her experiences of Early Music, Marion began a project to re-evaluate Romantic repertoire in the light of new scholarship, and also studied with a number of international conductors to evaluate the influence of national styles of playing on the works of European and American composers.

Appointed Director of Music at the University of Exeter in 2006, Marion worked there until 2013. She designed their new scholarship programme making every effort to encourage musicians from all musical genres, and actively encouraged and mentored student conductors. Open lectures linked to the Scholarship programme covered the aesthetics, sociology and psycho-acoustics of music, and explored specifically how changing the way we think about music can have a big impact on listening, learning and performing.

Pursuing these strands, in 2012 Marion undertook a Masters in Psychology Research Methods, and designed a research project to explore issues of sight-reading and notation.

In September 2013 she moved to Germany, although she continues to work with the EMG Symphony Orchestra. In the last year she has written apps for iPad and mobile phone, to help with rhythm and sight singing, and Play-my-note, a note-finding app that requires no previous experience at all.

From October 2014 Marion will teach Music Psychology at the Musikhochschule in M√ľnster, and hopes to pursue an ongoing mixture of research, performing, and developing education materials.